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Beaver Homes & Cottages

Your Burk's Falls Home Building Centre wants you to be successful in your home or cottage building project. Success means building on time and within budget. Here are the necessary steps to take to make both happen. We don’t simply sell the plans, our in-store Beaver Home & Cottage Design Consultants will help plan your project, explain product choices, supply complete material package specifications and pricing, discuss payment options and deliver everything you need to your site. And with the Beaver Guarantee  it’s the worry-free way to the home or cottage you have always wanted. 

The Beaver Home & Cottage Website has several interactive tools to enhance your planning experience, including interior tours, 360° exterior spins, a virtual design centre and much much more. Plus, by creating your own account, you can save all your search settings and results while remaining in contact with your Professional Design Consultant at the Burk's Falls Home Building Centre. Contact our Beaver Homes and Cottages Consultant Kevin DiGiacomo at for a consultation and or with any inquiries.

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Building With Beaver Homes & Cottages

Step 1
Choose a design from the Beaver Homes and Cottages Design Book or, or work with your in-store design consultant to develop a custom design. This stage may require a deposit.

Step 2
Your in-store design consultant will provide you with a set of sketches, called preliminary drawings, that will include the floor plans and elevations (exterior views) of the house. You will review the preliminary drawings with your in-store design consultant and request any necessary revisions to be made. Once the revisions are made, you will get a new set of preliminary drawings illustrating these revisions.

Step 3
Once all of the necessary revisions have been made ( this may take a few sets of revisions), and the estimated material package price is within your budget, your design consultant will have you initial the approved preliminary drawings and sign an Architectural Drawing Service Agreement to get the blueprints ordered. A second deposit is taken at this time. (See Payment Policy page.)

Step 4
While waiting on the blueprints to be completed by the architectural department, your design consultant will have you make decisions on a wide variety of materials which will be used in your home. Your design consultant will use these material choices to develop the final contract price.

Step 5
Once your design consultant receives the blueprints and the final contract price, you will meet to sign an Agreement to Purchase for the material package. Any previous deposits will be shown on the Agreement to Purchase, and the balance owing will be divided into four equal payments. The first payment of 25% is due at this time.

Step 6
Construction Begins! Material is delivered to your building site in stages, as it is required. Remaining payment are required 30, 60, and 90 days after the first shipment of material.


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Our Beaver Home & Cottage Consultant

The process of home building has long been a major component of my work experience.  I have been involved in many aspects of construction, from the implementation of utilities, to the hands on labor of carpentry. For the past decade it has been my pleasure to assist homeowners and contractors in estimating and organizing their construction projects. Currently, I help customers to realize their dream homes, as the "Beaver Homes and Cottages" consultant, and improve their homes as the "Home Installs" representative at the Burks Falls Home Building Centre. I look forward to helping you build your dream. So call, email, or swing by the store and lets chat about your upcoming project, and how I can help. - Regards, Kevin DiGiacomo